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I was browsing through the line-ups of some upcoming skeptical conferences today, and noticed how they regularly get a few ‘notables’ at their meetings who support the cause (for example, magicians Penn & Teller and their support of the James Randi Educational Foundation). Which got me thinking: who are the well-known people out there with a predilection for the weird stuff? Who do you think would enjoy reading The Daily Grail? Let’s crowd-source this and see who we can come up with – add anybody you can think of in the comments, and if a worthy contender I’ll add them to the list below (generally have to show prolonged interest in a topic, rather than just mentioning it off-hand). I’ll start with a few and y’all can bombard me with new additions:

  • Dan Aykroyd (Actor/Comedian) – UFOs, The Paranormal
  • Arj Barker (Comedian) – UFOs
  • Danny Carey (Musician) – Esoterica
  • John Cleese (Actor) – Noetic Science, Afterlife
  • Storm Constantine (Author) – Esoterica
  • Rhys Darby (Actor/Comedian) – Cryptozoology
  • William Gibson (Author) – Forteana
  • Michio Kaku (Scientist) – UFOs
  • Sammy Hagar (Musician) – Alien Abductions
  • David Lynch (Director) – Esoterica
  • Shirley MacClaine (Actor) – The Paranormal
  • Edgar Mitchell (Apollo Astronaut) – UFOs, Noetic Science
  • Alan Moore (Author) – Esoterica
  • Grant Morrison (Author) – Esoterica
  • Kary Mullis (Scientist) – Alien Abductions
  • Jimmy Page (Musician) – Esoterica
  • Katy Perry (Musician) – UFOs, Hidden History
  • Clifford Pickover (Scientist) – Shamanism
  • Josh Radnor (Actor) – Shamanism
  • Joe Rogan (Comedian) – Hidden History, Shamanism
  • Rudy Rucker (Author) – UFOs
  • Ridley Scott (Director) – Aliens, Hidden History
  • Steven Spielberg (Director) – UFOs
  • Guillermo del Toro (Director) – The Paranormal
  • Robbie Williams (Musician) – UFOs, The Paranormal

Who else you got?

Updated (21/5/2012): Added crowd suggestions, and re-organised into alphabetical order by surname.