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Decoding Deepak

I don’t particularly ‘get’ the whole Deepak Chopra phenomenon, though I am fascinated by it (and how others respond to it, from fans to skeptics). And by the looks of this upcoming documentary from Gotham Chopra, his son feels the same way:

Looks good, hopefully the full doco remains true to the trailer and isn’t just a puff piece.

  1. from the Singularity-Sky-Dept.
    looks like a fun movie :3

    as i’ve come to understand Deepak, he’s an artist and like all artists he creates meaning and how meaning is communicated is with stories.

    or, another way to say it is he’s come up with a way to package the concept of Deity so that us literalist & pragmatic Westerners can believe it :3

    Deity, not as some abstract whirly thing separate from us, but being all of us grokking how we operate, how our actions influence each other, working with all of reality in a bit more harmony than we do so now.

    and so it goes

    1. Packaging

      or, another way to say it is he’s come up with a way to package the concept of Deity so that us literalist & pragmatic Westerners can believe it :3

      And by the looks of his fugly eyewear, he made a pretty penny while doing so.

      I’m intrigued by this film. And I’m intrigued by a man who decides to name his son Gotham –could have been worse though. He might have named him Arkham 😛

        1. Good question
          It’s a good question.

          A question that might not have an easy answer.

          In this world of enigmas and mysteries, I’ve grown to be wary of the people who claim to have answers, if they charge for them.

          Initially my first reaction with people who claim to have psychic abilities and charge for their services is “No thank you!”.

          But lately I’ve been thinking that, such an ability might constitute something of a talent. And being a person with another particular set of talents, I’d be very upset if people thought to come to me without the intention of paying me for putting those talents at their service.

          Then again, MY talents have a way of being confirmed –e.g. a furniture or a house will come out of them– and my clients can be guaranteed that they will be satisfied with my results.

          But with Psychic phenomena, they seem to be less um, reliable shall we say. And there’s wiggle room for more than a few charlatans along with the (possibly) true sensitives.

          But I digress…

          Getting back to so-called gurus/guides/counselors, one does have to ask if they are not merely re-phrasing the wisdom of past masters in a shiny new marketable package.

          One also gets the impression that the closer you are to enlightenment, the farther you will be from merely coveting material luxuries. Maybe I’m wrong in this assumption, but I feel that wealth should only be regarded as a tool, not an end in itself.

          Like I said, there’s no easy answer. Maybe I’m just rationalizing my gut feeling. And maybe I have it all wrong about Deepak.

          But I still think those glasses are fugly 😉

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