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Jeb Corliss Takes a Mountain to the Knee

I posted this over at Air Lasagna earlier, but seeing as I’ve posted about Jeb Corliss’ wingsuit flights before here (“Grinding the Crack“), I thought it worth adding here in case some of you miss it at A.L.

On a January 16 ‘flight’ from Table Mountain in South Africa, Corliss went a little too close in skimming his way down the incline, and his bottom half hit rocks at around 180km/hr. He was sent careering towards the ground, and – despite having broken most of the bones in his legs – managed to pull his chute in just enough time to save his own life.

After five weeks in hospital, Corliss has taken his first steps (with the aid of crutches), but has no thoughts of hanging up his wingsuit: ““The only reason I’m getting better is so that I can jump again. That’s what I do. There’s absolutely nothing in this world that’s going to stop me from jumping.”

Corliss has released the video from his near-fatal crash at Table Mountain – showing it from various angles – which you can view below:

Reaction from one wag on YouTube? “He used to wingsuit, then he took a mountain to the knee.”

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