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I seem to be on a real bender lately imbibing information about comic books and the occult, even though I haven’t been actively going out to become inebriated. From Jeff Kripal’s Mutants and Mystics being sent to me by his publisher, to incoming news stories about the passing of comic greats who had links to the paranormal and occult, I seem to be on a real journey of discovery into these closely-linked topics.

Anyhow, the latest shot glass slung across the bar at me is this video of a very drunk Grant Morrison discussing his own paranormal experiences, the occult, and comics at the 2000 Disinfo Con. NSFW language, and at times a real drunken ramble, but also plenty of nuggets in there and a few giggles as well:

Plenty worth discussing in those 45 minutes! For more on these topics from Morrison, check out his recent book Supergods (Amazon US or Amazon UK).

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