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For those who like to have resources at hand when writing or reading about weird and wonderful topics, this might be worth a look: the first 29 years worth of Skeptical Inquirer magazine (1976 to 2005), in searchable PDF format, for just $US25:

As the official publication of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, Skeptical Inquirer magazine has provided critical, science-based examinations of a wide variety of topics, from alternative medicine to zombies. This DVD or CD-ROM spans twenty-nine years of the magazine, from its origins as a bi-annual skeptics magazine (first called The Zetetic) to its modern incarnation as The Magazine for Science and Reason.

Whether you feel comfortable padding the coffers of CSI(COP) is another matter…though it’s hard to argue with the value. Remember too that you can download copies of Marcello Truzzi’s Zetetic Scholar – perhaps the true descendant of The Zeteticas free PDFs from George Hansen’s website.