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Amazing in London

The cult of Randi continues to grow, but it has to be admitted that they are doing it in style. Tickets have gone on sale for The Amaz!ng Meeting London in October this year, with the line-up including British actor/writer/comedian Stephen Fry, Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow, Graham Linehan (creator of The IT Crowd, Black Books, and Father Ted), science writer Marcus Chown, Richard Dawkins, and Alan Moore. Whoah, what?! Back up a second…Alan Moore, mingling with the foot soldiers of rationalism? Now that I’d pay to see. Joining the stellar list of guests are the usual skeptical suspects: Richard Wiseman, P.Z. Myers, Susan Blackmore, Simon Singh and D.J. Grothe, among others. Full details at the link above.

Speaking of Alan Moore, the legendary graphic novelist’s most recent project has been Dodgem Logic, an old-style-underground-zine-cum-psychedelic-Beano-type-thing “colliding” an eclectic bunch of topics, from politics to magick, to “see what happens”. Here he is discussing Issue 3 of his new project (warning, not for the easily offended…holy crap I laughed though):

I’d take an Alan Moore lecture above a P.Z. Myers one any day…although to be fair, Myers probably would too – it seems he’s a bit of an Alan Moore fan-boi. Like I said, I think TAM London tickets this year are well worth their price…get along if you’re able. Tickets will *not* last, so be quick.

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