James Randi at TED

Here’s The Amazing Randi talking at TED, sensationally titled “James Randi’s fiery takedown of psychic fraud”. Not so much a takedown, nor fiery, but still entertaining enough, if you don’t mind a magician telling you how the world should be (“beware the tidal wave of irrationality about to engulf us folks!”):

Would it be facetious of me to point out that Randi starts his talk by illustrating his propensity for fooling his audience? If I had a million dollars for everytime I’ve heard that nonsense about his psychic challenge…

  1. randi in oz
    you may not remember this Greg, but Randi was on the Don Lane show many years back, Don Lane has a dummy spit and more or less tells Randi to get the hell off his show. Very funny clip if you can ever find it. Channel 9 I think. I’d love to see it again.

    1. I have had no respect for
      I have had no respect for Randi ever since he undertook to debunk some of the most compelling 911 false flag op evidence. His debunkings are nearly all ludicrous and “grasping” in the extreme – very unprofessional especially coming from a professional magician. Much of the 911 false flag operation was quite obviously what the magician calls “misdirection.” Both Randi and Penn and Teller are magicians who should be the first people to see through the machinations of the 911 op, but who instead have become prominent “debunkers” which leads me to think that these guys are, in fact, running interference for the bad guys. The bad guys would be the people against evolving human “awareness” in all its manifestations.

  2. from the Say-Can-You-See-Dept.
    We all live within the world(s) that have been found (and created) by other people.

    (we can’t all be like Nietzche’s ubermensch)

    Maybe that’s one of the Great Struggles of Civilization, the battle between Enlightenment and Slavery.

    (who knows? Mine’s chocolate or vanilla)

  3. An integration of the subjective
    Its not so much a wave of irrationality as it is the acknowledgement that the ‘Rational Mind’ is not the the boss, or the only source of truth. Just as the old political and economic schemes will be left-behind, so will the tired dogmas of separation and materialism which have kept the globe from truly evolving.

  4. questions to psychics
    In the presentation, Randi proposes some questions he would like to make to psychics, if he had the chance to do so.

    The second is about contacting his “father-in-law”.

    I was under the impression that Randi never married, for reasons that have transpired on the last couple of months β€”and are not necessary to re-write right now.

    So… it seems all those hypothetical questions are also deceptions, no? they are only constructs used to illustrate his personal belief system regarding so-called psychic abilities.

      1. I think he is indeed an
        I think he is indeed an “actor” in all senses of that word. There is something very suspicious about Randi and Penn and Teller too. P and T use psyop type “breakdown” techniques such as unending strings of expletives,shouting, and ad hominem attacks. These are classical psychological techniques for scaring people away from themselves and from rational inquiry. Many of these professional debunkers employ “association fallacy” too – attempting to discredit an idea by associating it with ridiculous ideas. Michael Schermer can be seen doing that in the latest issue of New Scientist. He is one of the more notorious shills running media interference on the 911 false flag op. In this issue of New Scientist you will see him lump “911 truth” in with creation science and flat earth type stuff in an attempt to debunk it by associating it with other highly dubious ideas. The subliminal message is that 911 truth is just something “those crazy people” tend to get involved with. These are obvious dirty tricks that always betray the presence of the shill.

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