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A number of years ago, when I was visiting Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to be steered and beered around the town by my good friend Blair MacKenzie Blake (whose writing appears online at the website of prog-rock band Tool, and also in print via our own Darklore anthology). During that visit, I was given a glimpse of Blair’s amazing esoteric book collection – a veritable treasure trove of first editions on various occult topics, from Crowleyana to pulp ufology, collected over many years by a man who knows the topics inside out. I certainly felt privileged to lay my hands – if for a short time – on such precious pieces of history. It’s just a good thing that I didn’t drool all over them, as any lover of books and/or esoterica might have done if put in my position (and I hope BMB has since taken on board my suggestion for a fireproof storage option!).

Now you too can get a taste of Blair’s awesome collection, with the release of The Wickedest Books in the World: Confessions of an Aleister Crowley Bibliophile:

The Wickedest Books in the World is a large format (9 X 12) coffee table-style hardcover book containing over 50 glossy full color photographs of the rare, often magnificently produced, first edition books of the renowned British occultist, Aleister Crowley that are currently in the collections of both Blair and fellow bibliophile, Danny Carey (Tool’s drumming genius).

Collectors please note! Printed and bound by one of the top printers in the world, this first hardcover edition…

…is strictly limited to 1000 copies, with the first 156 copies numbered by way of an anti-consecrated page carefully removed from the author’s personal copy of the 1922 British first impression of Crowley’s notorious The Diary of a Drug Fiend (placed inside a clear envelope). Additionally, the first 333 copies are individually numbered and SIGNED by both the author and the author of the book’s foreword, DANNY CAREY (who is featured throughout the book as avid collector of Crowleyana).

Along with the wonderful images you’ll find text touching on Crowley’s history, the story of how many of his most coveted books have meandered their way through the decades and into Blair’s collection, and also a foreword by Danny Carey. You can pick up your own copy of this wonderful book via Danny Carey’s newly redesigned website (and I suggest you don’t wait too long). Alternatively, go directly to the purchasing page.

(And don’t forget to check out Blair’s book of sumptuous occult-influenced prose-poems, Ijynx too!)