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Plenty of web discussion and linkage this morning about a curious sighting in the skies above Norway (heaps of images at that link). A strange spiral in the sky, complete with beam of light ’emanating’ from its centre, led to explanations ranging from UFO to an energy vortex created by the Large Hadron Collider.

However, the official explanation is a little more prosaic – the spiral was likely created by the test-launch of a Baluva missile from a Russian submarine (not only has this been seen before, but there was an advisory issued regarding possible launches). Just to confuse the issue however, the Russians at this stage are denying that they have fired any missiles or rockets.

Whatever the explanation, it would have been seriously creepy to be a local when that ‘black hole’ developed at the end…

Update: Russia confirms failure of 3rd stage of a Baluva missile test launch.