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UFO Researcher Greg Bishop Interviewed on New Thinking Allowed

For over 35 years, parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove has interviewed dozens of highly respected personalities from various vanguard disciplines, ranging from transpersonal psychology, remote viewing, to the study of life after death. And now it was the turn of my friend and mentor Greg Bishop, one of the most reasoned voices in the field of UFOlogy –which unfortunately tends to pay far too much attention to those making sensationalistic claims.

The subject of the above interview is the role the government of the United States has played in the creation and dissemination of many myths plaguing the study of unidentified flying objects; something Bishop is keenly aware of after writing the seminal book Project Beta, which explored the tragic story of Paul Bennewitz: an American engineer who had a deep interest in UFOs and came to believe he had uncovered evidence of nefarious alien incursions at the Kirtland Air Force base in New Mexico. But rather than dissuading him, the government agencies operating at Kirtland encouraged Bennewitz in his delusions, thus propelling him into a dangerous spiral down of paranoia which eventually caused him to have a mental break down –readers who are interested in exploring this neglected chapter of UFO history should do well in picking up Greg’s book, as well as Adam Gorightly’s Saucers, Spooks & Kooks.

Newcomers to the field of UFOlogy might fall in the mistake of thinking all this is ancient history, and yet the Bennewitz affair remains a relevant cautionary tale; perhaps more so than ever, now that social media tools have made it easier for intelligence agencies to –in the words of Greg– turn UFO buffs into “”repeater stations” for whatever kind of disinformation they want to throw out.” Perhaps no better example can be found of this at the moment, than what happened to film maker Jeremy Corbell, who spent countless hours promoting some Navy videos an anonymous source leaked to him as “the best available evidence” the US government had on the existence of UFOs, only to be finally confirmed they were unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) swarming the Navy vessels from a ship with a Hong Kong flag.

As Greg has said in many interviews, including this one, one should be very careful about falling into the trap of shady government agents who lure naive researchers by appealing to their ego and sense of self-importance (“oh wow, if this spook is contacting me that means I’m special!“), and if those spooks end up telling you exactly what you want to hear to confirm your personal bias about the UFO phenomenon, that should be seen as a red flag that you’re about to be Bennewitz’d.

Greg Bishop spent several days visiting Albuquerque with Jeff Mishlove, so be on the lookout for more interviews with him coming to the New Thinking Allowed Youtube channel.

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