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“One of these men is a power-crazed dictator who rules over a small area of land with an iron fist. The other is the President of Cuba.”

Sorry, couldn’t resist…sometimes things just pop into your head. The website of Dr Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, has a number of new updates about things happening in Egyptology. Such as the excitement mounting over the Big Z’s trip to Indianapolis, and his present from President Obama, and his guided tour of the pyramids with President Castro, and…what? You want Egyptology news? Zahi *is* Egyptology folks. Forget about those pyramid things, and 5000 years of history. He’s far more interesting.

All tongue-in-cheek of course, Dr. H offers great entertainment value. Though, as RPJ mentioned to me, it would be interesting to see his reaction if this happened in real life…