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Alan Moore on Magick and Imagination have posted a podcast interview with Alan Moore, creator/writer of Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and much mo(o)re. (For those reading this at a later date in the archives, here’s the direct link.) It’s a great chat, with Moore discussing various aspects of the crossover between magick (of which he is knowledgable, and a practitioner) and the imagination, apocalyptic information overflow, and what he’s currently working on. In there you’ll hear of Moore’s (rather) spooky experiences of ‘meeting’ John Constantine, how his upcoming book on the magickal arts will include a pop-up altar and a Kabbalah boardgame, and how Paracelsus had a backwards angelic language a century before Dr John Dee. The podcast begins with an interview with DeZ Vylenz, (producer and director of the documentary The Mindscape of Alan Moore) so if you’re in a rush, Alan Moore comes in around a third of the way into the podcast.

Just nobody tell this fanboi that he’s part of a magickal experiment, he might pop a fuse…

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