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Ron Howard: The Solomon Key is Done

Director Ron Howard may have just spilled the beans. Talking to Entertainment Tonight on the set of Angels and Demons, Howard said that Dan Brown…

…had finished writing the long-awaited third book featuring Langdon, and that the author was “very excited” about the novel.

But still DB’s US publisher Doubleday are refusing to make anything official, saying only that he was making “great progress” with the book and that there was as yet no title or publication date to share.

In other news a longer Angels and Demons trailer – with shots from the actual movie this time – has been released on the movie’s official website. Looks like some good fun.

For those interested in learning more about Dan Brown’s next book, check out The Cryptex for a bunch of helpful articles, and of course take a look at this book, written by some guy. Thanks for the heads-up Perceval.

  1. plot
    iv read several of Dan Brown’s books, and when i read digital fortress after reading three of his other books (including angels and demons, but not divinchi code) i knew the villian and the plot twists after the first chapter. Cool books, cool concepts, jus need to change the plot instead of changing the characters and story.

    1. LOL. Agreed
      I enjoyed both the DaVinci Code & Angels & Demons. But State of Deception was a real disappointment. It really felt like Dan Brown is a one-trick horse kind of writer.

      But I’m willing to give Solomon’s Key the benefit of the doubt 🙂

      It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
      It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

      Red Pill Junkie

      1. Fair weather fans
        [quote=red pill junkie]It really felt like Dan Brown is a one-trick horse kind of writer.[/quote]

        I think that’s a valid criticism, in that Angels and Demons, and The Da Vinci Code, are almost the same book with a different setting (I point out how many similarities there are in my own book about The Solomon Key). Kind of like Top Gun and Days of Thunder. 😉

        I do laugh though at how quickly people’s opinions changed once it became a mega-hit…all of a sudden it became more fashionable to slag Dan Brown and his lack of talent. Large swathes of the ‘Priory of Sion’ research groups were so excited when the book first came out (he’s writing about ‘our’ area), and then they all went sour on DB when they realised they weren’t the centre of attention. Weak.

        Kind regards,
        You monkeys only think you’re running things

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