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While people are waiting for their copies of Darklore Volume 2 to arrive, thought I’d post a few of my favourite title spreads from the latest release to get you warmed up. Here’s what we came up with for Blair MacKenzie Blake’s article “DMT and Magick”:

The image accompanying the title is a favourite of mine, by our good friend (and Sub Rosa illustrator) Adam Scott Miller, and I thought the warped font for DMT was ‘suitable’.

Next up is Paul Devereux’s essay titled “Witches’ Brews”, on the little known history of psychedelic use in European medieval witchcraft. The image is a public domain image I came across which perfectly summed up the article:

Lastly, Theo Paijmans contributed a fascinating article to Volume 2, featuring new research he has done into UFO reports from newspapers of the 19th century. “The Dark Cohorts” is a brilliant Fortean read, and it gave me a real ‘dark steampunk’ vibe, so I asked Darklore designer Mark James Foster to come up with something along those lines. His graphic works perfectly I think:

Once again, here’s the purchasing information for Darklore Volume 2 – the limited edition hardcover is selling fast, so if you’re interested I’d jump in relatively quickly:

So cool to see Darklore almost cracking into the Amazon Top 1000 – thanks to all those who are supporting our independent publishing efforts!