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A while back I linked to a case study on ‘remote viewing’ (also known as ‘traveling clairvoyance’ – that is, the supposed ability to see things at a distance, not through the normal sensory modalities) provided by remote viewer Daz Smith. Here’s another, more topical one, just released: “Remote Viewing the Steve Fossett Disappearance“:

On this blog in September of 2007 we posted a single session and blind analysis from a group of civilian remote viewers, and their attempt at finding out what happened to Steve Fossett.

As with ALL remote viewing – it can only be real Remote Viewing and fully evaluated with feedback, and with the latest discoveries of articles the plane and a crash site a picture is now starting to emerge of what happened that fateful day.

With this in mind the members of The Aurora Group – a civilian remote viewing group working operational and humanitarian projects, have given me permission to post all the blind remote viewing sessions and blind analysis.

The document can be downloaded as a PDF from Daz’s blog. It provides a good inside look at the technical side of how RVers do what they do (and how they document their thoughts). For more background on the process, and what all the acronyms and squiggles mean, it’s probably worth consulting the original Military CRV Training Manual and also Daz’s handy guide (PDF download) to using it.

The case study also shows how difficult it is to analyze this scientifically – there are a number of hits that seem spot on, but then other completely unrelated (and sometimes plain bizarre) misses. Really, to give a solid evaluation you’d need to do some sort of test at the end where ‘blind’ evaluators pick the best analysis from a random selection.

Having said that, still interesting to note that the overall summary of the RV target was a single middle-aged male, falling from above in a mechanical flying vehicle, into a desert region. Though considering the target was issued a day after Fossett disappeared, a skeptic might have a solid argument in saying at the very least the RVers’ subconscious filled in the blanks to the big news of the day.