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Binnall of America Season 4

Binnall of America Audio returns this week, kicking off the paranormally-themed podcast’s fourth season. First guest of the new season is Jim Marrs, for an extensive chat with Tim Binnall (1 hour, 19 minutes) on everything from UFOs to occult Nazis and the JFK assassination. Sounds like a full season all by itself…

As I’ve mentioned often, Tim does a great job over at BoA, conducting some of the smartest and most detailed interviews with paranormal ‘celebrities’ that you’re likely to find (check the archives over there for a fair amount of fascinating listening). In return, I think he deserves some support – it’s not cheap (on time or money) to run something like BoA…his server costs alone must be astronomical. So if you can afford it, head to the BoA Audio homepage and make a donation via the PayPal button on the right. Alternatively, you can pick up a bit of BoA-flavoured merchandise at their CafePress shop. Most people charge fees for access to these sorts of extended interviews, but Tim doesn’t ask for anything. Do the right thing and give the guy something back for his good grace, he certainly deserves nice things to come his way.