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Hey, this website is 10 years old. That’s pretty damn good going for an almost-updated-daily website with no operating budget and a complete lack of editorial qualifications. I guess we must do something right. Most of the credit for that “right” has to go to the amazing admins that we’ve had over the years, who’ve worked their butts off collecting news, in order to help out the community – big props to all of them*, a big thanks from me on behalf of both myself, and all TDG readers (I’d list their names, but I’m doped up to the eyeballs and I’d forget someone and be eternally ashamed of myself).

Thanks also to all you readers out there that hang out, discuss the topics, spread the word, send thanks, news tips, comments, advice, and offer me membership in the Illuminati (yes, I still get about ten a year). The site has always been about community, and all you guys are therefore an intrinsic part of the Grail gestalt.

I’d say more, but I’m not very well. Maybe I’ll celebrate when my eyeballs stop hurting. But anyway, happy birthday to us!

(* Hey, did anyone else notice that our very own Cernig now has a gig on one of the biggest political blogs on the planet, Crooks and Liars…and yes, I’ll claim him now that he’s famous)