Daily Grail Donations: Snail Mail Address

Many thanks to all those who have provided a contribution to our Daily Grail Donation Drive – it is appreciated very much! The prize pool (for those who have offered a ‘voluntary subscription’) is growing, with various authors/personalities kicking in some goods (e.g. this week Jacques Vallee and Graham Hancock offered a few autographed books each). At the moment, with number of contributors, versus the size of the prize pool, you’re a good chance of picking up something – so it may well be worth your while.

A number of people have asked about providing a snail mail address, as they prefer sending a cheque to using PayPal – but please note: as I mentioned previously, cashing international cheques costs me around $10 each, takes 15 minutes to do each, and takes 30 days to clear. So, while I appreciate the thought very much, it just does not make sense to send a cheque in non-Australian dollars for a small amount – PayPal is best suited to that.

And, just to persevere, here’s the PayPal donation button again:

(edit 11th May 2011: the button has now been removed due to a change in PayPal account)

Again, many thanks and appreciation to all those who have given a little bit back to TDG!

  1. Re donations and non-donations
    I hope some more folk get moving and send you something, Greg. Considering the number of people who are supposed to access your site, I was horrified to read in one of your other posts that you had received ONLY 80 donations.

    What is the matter with all you folk out there who haven’t sent anything? Surely you can’t be so hard up you can’t afford to spare even a little for a very worthwhile cause.

    Thanks for your note, Greg. You can consider my recent donation as the first in an ongoing annual event.

    Regards, Kathrinn

    1. Donations
      For various reasons I have not been on this, my favorite site, for quite a while. I was unaware that that this drive was going on. Now that I do I plan to give what I can, which is really not that much, every month. I am retired and live on a small, very small income. If I am willing to give what I can monthly for what I think is still the best site on the web, anyone can. Just give what you can via Paypal and keep Greg and the others at least some compensation for what time they give and and have given in the past.

  2. Comments Field on Donate
    Just used the donate button, and sent some love . . . but I think you should have a comments field so we can tell you who is sending the money . . .it’s true you might know who is who, but might it not be easier for us to just write it inside a comment box?

    Keep up the good work and the rest of you who’ve not chipped in. . . START CHIPPING!

  3. Donations…….

    I’ll be sending along some funds in the near future. I would have earlier, but real-lifedemands have prevented me from doing so.

    Although I quite disagree with many of the politcal views posted here, I nonetheless value your efforts and TDG is literally a daily read, one that I look forward to.

    So, the money will be coming soon, and you do have my thanks for the efforts put forth. It’s a food site and I don’t mind helping out to keep it going. Especially since my dear late mother was from Oz. 🙂


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