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Many thanks to all those who have provided a contribution to our Daily Grail Donation Drive – it is appreciated very much! The prize pool (for those who have offered a ‘voluntary subscription’) is growing, with various authors/personalities kicking in some goods (e.g. this week Jacques Vallee and Graham Hancock offered a few autographed books each). At the moment, with number of contributors, versus the size of the prize pool, you’re a good chance of picking up something – so it may well be worth your while.

A number of people have asked about providing a snail mail address, as they prefer sending a cheque to using PayPal – but please note: as I mentioned previously, cashing international cheques costs me around $10 each, takes 15 minutes to do each, and takes 30 days to clear. So, while I appreciate the thought very much, it just does not make sense to send a cheque in non-Australian dollars for a small amount – PayPal is best suited to that.

And, just to persevere, here’s the PayPal donation button again:

(edit 11th May 2011: the button has now been removed due to a change in PayPal account)

Again, many thanks and appreciation to all those who have given a little bit back to TDG!