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Binnall Talks to Vallee

Last Thursday I posted a short interview with Jacques Vallee about his recently released book Messengers of Deception (Amazon US and UK). In five days, the interview has already been read by 10,000 people, so it would seem plenty of readers still value Jacques’ opinion on the UFO controversy.

Well if you liked the taste of that short interview, you’re going to feast on this: the Season Finale of Binnall of America audio, just released today, features Tim chatting with Jacques Vallee – for *two* hours! And not that Larry King 3 second attention span stuff, or unintelligent lines of questions from radio hosts that should know better – Tim and Jacques get right down to it and cover nearly every facet of ufology, with no punches pulled. If you’re looking for some deep insight into Jacques’ thinking, Tim’s interview is a must. As always, BoA Audio is available as downloadable mp3s/podcasts, or streaming via Flash. Well worth it, it’s a wonderful interview feature.

Oh, and as Tim points out in the podcast, he’s doing it pretty tough over there financially – so if you can spare a donation to help keep BoA above water, lend a hand via the PayPal button on the right side of this page.

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