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Tis the season, to be Fortean. If the release of Jim Steinmeyer’s biography of Charles Fort and Tarcher’s reissue of Fort’s books in anthology form weren’t enough for you, check out this new website – Tales from the Fort: The Charles Fort Files

This site is an effort to organize the research of Charles Hoy Fort into a more easily utilized resource by gathering and placing under various subject headings the vast amount of information scattered throughout Fort’s books. The information contained within these pages is gleaned from extensive study of the four non-fiction books published by Charles Fort in his lifetime.

The headings under which the phenomena are placed include ‘Falls’ (strange things falling from the skies), ‘OOPARTS’ (Out of Place Artifacts), Creatures, UFOs and Apparitions. If you don’t have the time to work your way through the books, this website will probably be a good resource. As Emps says over at Cabinet of Wonders, “dig into ancient astronauts, Ufology, earthlights, etc. and what you find is Fort standing there tapping his foot and wondering why you are so late for the party.”