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I was 8 under after 7 holes of Wii Golf today…then I finished triple bogey, double bogey. That’s one way of shooting 3 under I guess…

  • Is Earth at risk from a supernova?
  • As if the Elgin Marbles weren’t controversial enough – now you can add some sex, lies and videotape.
  • Church motion #666 in the UK parliament consigned to the fiery lakes.
  • Arthritis drug aids Alzheimer’s patient in minutes, enabling him to remember the date, his doctor’s name and say where he was.
  • Hypnosis study reveals brain’s amnesia centers.
  • Hope for victims of spinal cord injury, with scientists showing that “the central nervous system can reorganize itself and follow new pathways to restore the cellular communication required for movement.”
  • Meanwhile, Scottish scientists have been watching too much Steve Austin it seems. I’d make the bionic sound, but it just doesn’t translate into text very well…
  • What’s the next hot invention?
  • A matter of mind power…or miracles?
  • 60 years after Roswell, the saucers are still flying. With comments from Stan Friedman, Michael Shermer and Michio Kaku. I await with glee Michael Shermer’s hit piece on the ‘unscientific’ Michio Kaku
  • Upgraded Hubble to be 90 times as possible. So powerful they’ll be able to see the aliens changing their minds.
  • Planting super-hairy crops could battle global warming. Really?
  • How do Monarch butterflies find their way to Mexico? I suspect that Red Pill Junkie has a van, with really tiny seatbelts in it…
  • Are the humpback whales grateful?
  • Witchcraft blamed in murder of Sioux City girls.
  • Iraq war death toll figure slashed by three quarters. Now only a couple of hundred thousand people have died in the last 4 years – sweet! Every…life…sacred.
  • 2008: The Chinese Year of the Astronaut.
  • Tech coolness: hacking your wiimote to create a 3D virtual reality display. More of Johnny Lee’s great wiimote hacking at his website.

Thanks Kat and Filip.

Quote of the Day:

Arrogance is one of the worst diseases of scientists and it gives rise to statements of authority and finality which are expressed usually in fields that are completely beyond the scientific competence of the dogmatist. It is important to realise that dogmatism has now become a disease of scientists rather than of theologians.

Sir John Eccles