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CFZ in Guyana

Members of the Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ) are currently in Guyana on an expedition in search of giant anacondas, strange humaniform creatures known as ‘Didi’, and any other cryptozoological creepies they might stumble across. Updates on the expedition are being relayed back to CFZ Base via satellite phone, and being written about on their blog by Jon Downes. The updates have the wonderful feel of 19th century expeditions into uncharted territories (even Nick Redfern brought up a Colonel Fawcett reference), and Jon Downes also gives some wonderful insights with historical references and anecdotes. There’s plenty happening – from communication problems, to injuries to the team members, and interesting findings – despite having been there for less than a week.

The expedition is sponsored by gaming company Capcom, and we can expect to see video footage of the expedition once the team returns. For now though, it’s worth pointing out that the CFZ already have a monthly video feature titled “On the Track (of Unknown Animals)”. I’ve posted Episode 2 of the show here on TDG, and it makes for a fun watch.

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