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Tuesday Roundup 23-10-2007

A strange assortment to get you through the week…


  1. Wisdom from the afterlife
    I must admit having a great deal of difficulties with the concept of teaching from beyond.

    I have no problem with the concept of conversing with an entity from beyond.

    A main difficulty is with this impression that mediums have that death is the world where life and spirit lies. It is also in this interpretation that death, its world and laws, are those of immortal state rather than a temporary depositary that is severed from life, reason why souls must return and connect again with the source of their spirit, that neither ever knew matter intimately nor knew death, as they are not from the same world.

    My difficulty with this interpretation is that the information has always been there to clearly identify death as a temporary kingdom from which the souls had to one day be extirpated. Otherwise, the whole concept of resurrection of the Christians for one would bear no meaning. This is also why the belief has been nurtured about the physical body being the siege of immortality.

    While I would say the latter belief to stand on a correct premise, the one that requires incarnation in the physical body for the energy of all the planes that together are the integrity of the reality of a man, the desire to immortalize the body as such, while keeping a consciousness that is divided against itself, because of death, cannot happen and is not a goal in itself, except for the one who identifies to materiality as the cause of his consciousness.

    This is all one reason why I say that nothing can be held to be trustful that comes from the dead, them already being cut off from their source, being forced to come back in matter to reconnect with their source, to eventually conquer death in the integration process of the next evolution.

    Even the dead themselves have been deceived in believing that their world was the realm where the source was located albeit in other spheres, yet being unable to define what spheres are, the experience of other worlds not being part of their memory, and their fabric being almost exclusively memorial in nature.

    This is why in reality the living are much more intelligent than the dead, the deads’ sole advantage being their disconnection with the emotional pulses that come with incarnation within an animal body, so that their mentation is clear from that kind of interference.

    1. Greetings, Richard
      “…to eventually conquer death in the integration process of the next evolution.”

      Would it be possible for you to elaborate a little upon that please, Richard?

      Re: Teaching from beyond…

      I do not understand why we put so much reverence into teachings that apparently come from elsewhere (as in other than within ourselves). I fail also to understand why we have such a need for deities & saviours – other than ourselves…

      Your post mystifies me somewhat. It implies that the dis-incarnate possess individual consciousness?

      Emotional intelligence may not be such a bad thing, Richard (although that does depend upon one’s definition of it). Cold logic has a tendency to overlook certain vital aspects. Emotional Logic is perhaps the eye better focused. Emotional balance is able to set aside the emotional pulses that can work to derail reason & understanding. So, how can the dead logic of the dis-incarnate be seen as advantageous over that of the living emotionally intelligent? Unemotional intelligence can work with only one part of the whole.

      There may well be a great many entities in the ‘beyond’. Not all of them dis-incarnate. There may be certain parts of what we regard as beyond (our perception) that are in opposition to the whole and others that work in tune with it.

      This planet, its ecological system & its inhabitants hold many answers to the puzzles we endeavour to solve by means other than simply utilising observational understanding. One might even propose that both the living and the dead, the god and the satan, the alien and the human all walk amongst us.

      I realise that definition & individual perception (not to mention beliefs & the translation of personal experience) do not aid us in such a debate as this, but…

      My Regards to you

      1. My position in a nutshell
        Hello Aurora.

        Man has a great need for teachings from beyond, craves for a sense of infinity, since his mentation was cut off from the source of his consciousness and that he lost sight of his own infinity. He could not give himself the answers anymore and had to intuitively look up, to forces that then seemed above him, and god was created to fill the void that resulted from what was called the fall of man. It is of course an illusion but it remains very real. That is my explanation on that aspect.

        Dis-incarnates do indeed posess individual consciousness but that consciousness being divided totally from the source is stopped in its ability to evolve and is therefore forced to continue its involutive path. The dead are in a world that has its own laws, like matter has its laws and like all other systemic worlds have their laws. The laws to which the dead answer are very different than the ones to which we have to live with and are under the rule of certain hierarchies of intelligences that do not want man to escape from his unconscious predicament in order to create an evolutionary model for their small kingdom.

        I personally do not recognize any intelligence in emotions. What I see of emotions is a coloration of intelligence, an energy that gives an emotional value to what otherwise would be real and objective and that is therefore made subjective and relative.

        I am not saying that emotions have no place in man but that they should be kept in their place, and that place is outside of the mental space. Then, emotions can serve the purpose of allowing the individual to appreciate beauty rather than make his life a polarized hell where he is constantly running after happiness. If man is always seeking happiness, it is because he does not have it. When you have something, that it is integral to your consciousness, the question does not even come.

        Intelligence, to me, is not a cold logic but can be cold in its assessment of reality. It is not logic because logic is an intellectual evaluation of reality based on memory. Intelligence has nothing to do with memory but is a vibration, an energy, that has no need to interpret and that makes the difference between knowing and believing.

        A person can be said to be emotionally balanced once that person cannot be made to suffer from emotions at the psychological level, therefore once that person does not function psychologically. This is part of the future evolution.

        Emotional logic is a logic that bends to the emotional desires of a person rather than stick with what is. Emotional logic seeks to comfort and, when it does not, brings conclusions that are solely based on its own categorial interpretation based on values that are culturally induced or spiritually acquired. Emotional logic cannot see outside of its field of energy like cold logic cannot see outside of its memorial repertory.

        [quote] There may well be a great many entities in the ‘beyond’. Not all of them dis-incarnate. There may be certain parts of what we regard as beyond (our perception) that are in opposition to the whole and others that work in tune with it. [/quote]

        That depends on how you define the beyond.
        If you give this expression the value of “beyond physicality” then all intelligences are disincarnate but they may not necessarily be so the way we can think of it. There are intelligences that have never experienced incarnation within a material envelope and the source of human intelligence, his real identity, what has been called his higher self by some, has never experienced matter. These intelligences that are amongst the most advanced in the universe master the laws of energy at all levels of creation and the infusion of man in an animal body was done to eventually extend this mastery to the material realm.

        There are myriads of entities, of intelligences, in the cosmos. They evolve and work according to their respective status and can be pure energy as they can be forms, and they can be tied to a material envelope.

        Man, originally, is not an entity that is born of matter. We have lost contact with our reality, we have developed a sense of materiality since the lost with that contact, and we have with time lost memory of what we really are and this led us to develop a materialistic creation view of our reality on one hand and develop a deistic view of infinity to palliate for our lost identity.

        Fundamentally though, man is the receptor end of a penetrating ray of consciousness that comes from the highest systemic universes and is a creator that has been cut off from his reality to force him and develop a new singularity, a new unit of consciousness, from which all planes of reality could be accessed and through which a new evolutionary paradigm could be created, not just for the material races in evolution in the universe but for the eventual sharing of information that is held from so-called lower civilizations to protect certain universal statuses, therefore to retain ascendancy over less advanced races.

        This is where the Nazareen’s infusion comes into play as the universal principle of love, which is a newly manifested universal principle, will force civilizations to share, as it is being brought into the universe by a future humanity, freed from its astrally dominated psychology, that will have the authority to dispense the science contained in the systemic archives where all sciences of all the creations of all planes of reality are registered but that cannot be accessed but by the intelligences having the power to travel these systems and that would not let go of this access in favor of races that have not achieved morontiality.

        The answers will come from man himself once his source has re-built the mind tunnel that serves as connection to his etheric brain and then to his material brain. Once this has happened, men, individually and never more as a group, will be brought to transmute their astral energy into etheric bodies that will be free from the influences of the world of the dead, that we can call the astral for lack of better word, immortalizing his consciousness, giving him back the consciousness of his multidimentionality, until he has repatriated the whole energy of his incarnated experience that lasted for eons and that contains the science of cellular consciousness and atomic consciousness, making of him the first ever prototype of a consciousness that has direct access to all planes of reality in the universe.

        During that time, the world of the dead, led by its Luciferian hierarchies, who severed that plane from the universal circuits to effectively trap the incarnated humanity in a prison of emotions, ignorance and fears, will fight tooth and nails to still possess the human psychic structure in an attempt to prevent him from leaving this planet so that it can use the human experience at the soul level to build for itself its own evolutionary model at the expense of man’s evolution. This will result in great collective shocks in an effort to destabilize humanity, using his emotional evaluation of his environment and debilitating thought forms, to create even more distance between man and his reality. This is what has been the reason for involution and this is what will end with the new cycle.

        I hope this helps demystify my position in general.

  2. “You Call It Hallowe’en… We Call It Día de Muertos”
    [quote]October 31st has been celebrated as a feast for the dead, and also the day that marks the new year. Mexico observes a Day of the Dead on this day, as do other world cultures. In Scotland, the Gaelic word “Samhain” (pronounced “SAW-win” or “SAW-vane”) means literally “summer’s end.”[/quote]

    Well, actually this is a bit inaccurate. The festivity of the Día de Muertos is celebrated on November the 2nd, on the Catholic church’s “Feast of All Saints”. November the 1st is also customary celebrated, as it is the day of the Faithful Deceased.

    The biggest celebration of Día de Muertos is held at a little town near the city called Mixquic, you mightfind this interesting:

    In this little town they cultivate the flower of cempazúchitl, a beautiful orange-colored flower used to adorn the altars where the families place the food offerings for their dearly departed. Not forgetting the traditional sugar calaveritas….

    And of course, the tequila! After all, those cemeteries are pretty darn cold this time of the year 😉

    Oh, and apart of the candy calaveritas, other “calaveritas” that are very traditional this time of year, are little silly poems about famous people, making fun of them as if they were recently dead.

    One fine example would be this:

    [quote]Al escritor García Márquez:

    Quiso esconderse en Macondo,

    La muerte fue tras él.

    Ella se puso sus moños

    y lo tiró a un hoyo hondo

    ¿ De qué se murió Gabriel ?

    De amor y otros demonios[/quote]

    (Please don’t ask me to translate, I wouldn’t know where to start, and once in english, it wouldn’t be much funny anyway. Let me just say they are referring to two of Gabo’s most famous books: “100 years of Solitude”, and “Of Love & other Demons”, I’m sure you get the idea)

    So what do you say folks? Any talented grailer poet out there who will be willing to make a few “calaverita” rhymes about Greg, Kat, Rick MG and the rest of the gang? 😉

    It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
    It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

    Red Pill Junkie

    1. Phonetic innacuracy
      [quote=red pill junkie][quote]October 31st has been celebrated as a feast for the dead, and also the day that marks the new year. Mexico observes a Day of the Dead on this day, as do other world cultures. In Scotland, the Gaelic word “Samhain” (pronounced “SAW-win” or “SAW-vane”) means literally “summer’s end.”[/quote]

      Well, actually this is a bit inaccurate. The festivity of the Día de Muertos is celebrated on November the 2nd, on the Catholic church’s “Feast of All Saints”.[/quote]

      I know its only a small issue also, but Samhain is not pronounced SAW-win or SAW-vane either, not in Irish Gaelic anyway, if anything it would be pronounced SOWin.

  3. more from the afterlife
    Those transmissions seem consistent with most of the other stuff one finds regarding the between-life states. Some of the key elements might be:
    1) The after-death state is not the end of the line
    2) The “school” continues….suited to your level of development
    3) Some folks try to cling to a material existence
    4) We learn more about time and how our “thoughts” create experience
    5) you still have a kind of “body”
    6) you generally don’t go from Earth to the “ultimate”
    7) Time is different on earth vs. the afterlife.

    Some other interesting sources I’ve found include: a book called “Letters from the Afterlife” from the early 20th century, Seth Speaks (has some afterlife stuff) The Urantia Book (good description of the “mansion” worlds- skips reincarnation) also some recent stuff from Dr. James Martin Peebles.

    1. Hi gbv23
      You might want to tak a look to Whitley Strieber’s “The Key” to continue your research with the after life. Interesting things that create a lot reflection in that little book.


      It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
      It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

      Red Pill Junkie

      1. Afterlife
        I’ve discovered one great constant in afterlife. No matter where you are, where you’re from, or what period of history we’re talking about – to the person, afterlife is always an expression of the culture he lives in.
        You can make of this ‘truth’ what you will.

        I’m certain of only one thing. Nothing is certain.

        Anthony North

        1. similar
          I think Robert Silverberg wrote a book, called “To the Land of the Living”, which is basically a treatment of the same idea. With many fictionalized historical characters.

          If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.

          (Bill Clinton, and perhaps others)

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