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Earlier this week I mentioned a segment on Geraldo at Large from last weekend, which alleged that ‘afterlife researcher’ Dr Gary Schwartz tried to extract millions of dollars from a grieving family. The segment featured the ‘victim’ Michael Knopf telling his side of the story, followed by Geraldo interviewing medium Laurie Campbell and reporter Marianne Macy live about the accusations and their own experience/investigations into unethical practices by Dr Schwartz. The video has since turned up on YouTube, and so I’ve posted it here on TDG for anyone interested to watch.

Dr Gary Schwartz has now responded to the accusations in a statement on his website titled “Examining an erroneous and malicious character assassination“. He makes a number of points in his defence, some of which I’ve listed underneath (note, these are direct quotes, not my own interpretation). For the full text, follow the link:

  1. It was Mr. Knopf who initiated contact with Dr. Schwartz following Mr. Knopf’s successful private readings with Ms. Campbell.
  2. Mr. Knopf communicated to Dr. Schwartz that Mr. Knopf had recently been released from spending time in jail.
  3. New guidelines and procedures for advancing the ethics and scientific understanding for mediums were being formulated at that time, initiated partly by some inappropriate behavior by Ms. Campbell and some other mediums.
  4. Geraldo made a point on the show of reporting that Dr. Schwartz did not return their calls, with an implicit negative connotation. The truth is that there was no genuine attempt by the Geraldo show to contact Dr. Schwartz to have a fair representation of both sides of this story. What Geraldo failed to mention was that the call to Dr. Schwartz’s office was made only after closing hours of his office on Friday, October 5, for a show that was ready to be aired on Saturday, October 6.

Dr Schwartz concludes by saying “legal action will be taken against each and every individual who has made defamatory comments against Dr. Schwartz, and the truth will be brought out in the court room”.

If Dr Schwartz’s points are correct, one would have to question the integrity of the Geraldo at Large show (I know, ‘what integrity’). The late telephone call is a stock-in-trade of ‘current affair’ shows, as it allows them to say there was no comment from the accused…suggesting guilt by silence. But if Michael Knopf was introduced to Schwartz by Laurie Campbell (as Dr Schwartz says), then why was she introduced and interviewed as merely an interested third party – when she was the person that actually set up/caused the alleged ‘scam’?

Having followed these stories for some time now, I have my own conclusions about what is going on. As I’ve said before on similar matters though, the big loser out of all this will be research into mediumship. Either the mediums look vindictive and deceitful, or the researcher looks like a scam artist with no ethics. What scientist would touch the topic with a ten foot pole? And that’s a shame, because there is something to be looked at here. The trickster strikes again…