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Norwegian author Harald Boehlke emailed yesterday to let me know that he now has an official website to go along with the English-language release of his book The Viking Serpent (Amazon US and UK). Sub Rosa readers will know about the topics in the book (download Issue 2 for Harald’s SR contribution), but for the neophytes out there, the website has a short introduction:

“The Viking Serpent” or “The Norwegian Pentagram” as it was called before being translated reveals a hitherto unknown and occult side to the Viking and early Middle Age in Norway. From approx. 935 CE heathen Viking Norway was introduced to a form of Christianity peculiar to a certain branch of the Gnostic Celtic Church of the British Isles, where the serpent had a ‘leading role’ and which, according to historians and archaeologists, has a pronounced Syrian and Egyptian character.

Comparing old legends and historical facts the author has unravelled a fascinating story and found a holy geometry constructed by the Celts that the famous co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Henry Lincoln has deemed “the Norwegian extension of this extraordinary business.” The clandestine plan of the Celtic Church erecting cities and monasteries as markers in such a fashion that one with the use of The Golden Section was able to construct a gigantic pentagram across Southern Norway is also revealed. The geometry is illustrated by the author in easy to follow step-by-step diagrams.

You can find more details at the website, and as mentioned Harald’s piece in Sub Rosa #2 gives an excellent summary of the ‘hidden history’ of this Gnostic Celtic Church offshoot.