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On the Trail of Oge-Make

Our good friend Blair MacKenzie Blake (yes, that bastard son of Loki and Trithemius) has put together a fascinating article on all manner of strangeness (from the Dogon-Sirius story, to channeling entities, intelligence agency hijinks and back to Quetzalcoatl), and hidden it under the assumed name of the latest TOOL newsletter (for all you late-comers, scroll down to 24 August, 2007). “On the Trail of Oge-Make” picks up the ball from Picknett and Prince’s The Stargate Conspiracy and runs with it, although perhaps in the opposite direction and into a small forest filled with nasty beasties. Blair’s the king of discovering obscure esoteric gems, and this is just another example – he’s also submitted a great piece on Roswell for our upcoming Daily Grail anthology, which I’m sure will be a hit…

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