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Psychical Research on the Red Pill

Our wiki ‘The Red Pill‘ has been lucky enough to recently to receive a number of biographies of the eminent individuals who were early members of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), kindly provided to us by an expert on the topic, Michael Tymn. Already we have information on the life and research of Sir William Barrett, Fred Myers, Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, and William Stead. There’s some fascinating information in there, as well as over at Michael’s blog, so head on a link-clicking excursion and treat yourself to some eye-opening reading. As I’ve mentioned previously as well, an excellent book on these subjects worth checking out is Ghost Hunters (Amazon US and UK), by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Deborah Blum (stay tuned for an interview with Deborah here on site very soon).

On a less positive note, I’ve had to close membership of the Red Pill due to non-stop spam attacks. If you want to join up, you’ll have to contact me directly, or wait until I get around to beefing up security there (it’s getting rather disheartening, the amount of time I have to spend each day fending off spam here on TDG, at the Red Pill, and at The Cryptex).

  1. Spam
    Hi Greg,
    I think spam is an inevitable consequence of sites that deal in alternative subjects. We’re seen as either easy targets, or gullible.
    I’ve been running Beyond the Blog since mid-January. Luckily, WordPress has good spam protection, ‘cos there’s been 6,504 to date.

    The secret of life is optimism and broad shoulders

    Anthony North

  2. Damn Spam
    Hi Greg,

    I am sorry to say that I’m glad you’re having these spam troubles, because misery loves company and I was worried that it was just my sites that were being bombarded with spam account-requests.

    The reason I thought it was just me was because when ever I complained about these gaping security holes in Drupal, the group just laughed at me. “Oh comment spam does not happen!” they said, “there is no such thing as trackback spam!” and “why should we protect user registrations?”

    Only its not just them, I went through literally dozens of alternative software packages, and they were all big gaping holes with big signs on their backsides that proclaimed SPAM ME! — once in a fit of frustration I asked the crew if perhaps they themselves were spammers, and that’s why they made it so easy. Needless to say I’ve been persona non grata there ever since 😉

    “Plays well with others” never once appeared on my report cards.

    But lets be reasonable here. We are TDG people, we are used to looking at problems from the underdog’s point of view. Speaking honestly now, have you ever assisted a friend’s band by helping to post handbills on every available space in the downtown streets? I sure have. Tons of times, sometimes friends, sometimes my night-club employer, bucket of glue, a brush, a handful of concert posters, and out we go looking for target space — websites wave target space in front of people who are desperate to sell their trash just to pay their bills and feed their families, and most must be making next to nothing because they are so blasted dilligent despite the enormous odds they will not succeed. Can we really blame them? We have this big sign that says “Post your spam here! FREE!!!!” and then we get upset when they do it? Really, objectively, does this make any sense?

    I say no it does not. What would make sense is if the tools that create these websites could wake up and realize that any writable space is going to be written on, and that if there are certain kinds of content we don’t want, we should either prevent it, or at least make it easy easy easy to dispose of it. If you can’t stop the punks from handbill-plastering your shop walls, at least gives us a new type of wall paint that is resistant to glue 😉

    1. I do not think so
      as you do about spam. I just cut off all access to my site and will privately deal with it. I was getting over 2000 pops a week and 5 % were real, the other spam. One tiem the server had to dump my box as they could not even unjam it for me. It was jammed with spam, imagine that, and that was with a special filter too. It takes me hours at blacklisting and delete and purge…no, way, it was a major drag, I have better thigns to do with my time than sit and delete and if i did not, then it was worse when I would try the nexct tie, I was fried with it.

      I pay for my space, if some one wants to invade my space and as you say mooch for fee without out asking me and causing me hardships I say, damn um and cram um up the ole coolies…but don’t enter my space….the quality of time I spend at my computer has improved 10,000%….

      I did not post handbills in places with out asking, nope…never did…

      I am very happy about the new info and think it will be a great contribution. I really am into Oliver Lodge and all. This is great…..I have soem old papers too, but, they are not in computer language they are in hardcopy. I was thinking of one day typing them out. THey should be out there for people to read. Thanks Greg for the efforts…

      Dr. Colette M. Dowell ND
      Circular Times

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