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Our wiki ‘The Red Pill‘ has been lucky enough to recently to receive a number of biographies of the eminent individuals who were early members of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), kindly provided to us by an expert on the topic, Michael Tymn. Already we have information on the life and research of Sir William Barrett, Fred Myers, Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, and William Stead. There’s some fascinating information in there, as well as over at Michael’s blog, so head on a link-clicking excursion and treat yourself to some eye-opening reading. As I’ve mentioned previously as well, an excellent book on these subjects worth checking out is Ghost Hunters (Amazon US and UK), by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Deborah Blum (stay tuned for an interview with Deborah here on site very soon).

On a less positive note, I’ve had to close membership of the Red Pill due to non-stop spam attacks. If you want to join up, you’ll have to contact me directly, or wait until I get around to beefing up security there (it’s getting rather disheartening, the amount of time I have to spend each day fending off spam here on TDG, at the Red Pill, and at The Cryptex).