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Memoirs of a Monster Hunter

Nick Redfern has a new book coming later this year, which is now available for pre-order from Amazon – Memoirs of a Monster Hunter.

For centuries, people across the world have had a fascination with monsters and strange creatures. They marvel at the tales and legends of the Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest; of the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas; of the infamous and diabolical Moth-Man of West Virginia; of fire-breathing dragons; and of those dark denizens of the deep: lake monsters and sea serpents.

But do such creatures really exist? Can it be true that our planet is home to fantastic beasts that lurk deep within its forests and waters?

‘Memoirs of a Monster Hunter’ proves the answer is a resounding yes!In this follow-up to his wildly successful ‘Three Men Seeking Monsters’, paranormal investigator and author Nick Redfern chronicles his surreal road-trip through the United States and beyond in search of all-things monstrous.

Nick’s a great researcher and writer on numerous ‘anomaly’ topics (he’s contributed a fascinating piece to our upcoming anthology as well), so I’m looking forward to this book. See the website listed above for full details of the book.