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I’m having a great time putting together this Daily Grail anthology, with some wonderful contributions already received and the rest expected in the next couple of weeks – topics include the ancient ‘cult centre’ of Caral in Peru, the ‘dark side of the paranormal’, the Templars, Francis Dashwood and the Hellfire Society, Roswell, Ouija boards and UFO contactees (to name a few). Contributors are all people whose research and writing I respect greatly, so the anthology will have both quality and quantity of TDG-related material – from alternative history, to Forteana, consciousness, the paranormal and cryptozoology.

Anyhow, one thing that I’m still undecided on is the name. I do have a list already of about 15 possible titles (ranging from the oh-so-simple ‘Daily Grail Anthology’, to obscure latin words which sum up the content), but before I set about choosing one, I thought I’d throw the question out to readers – do you have a suggestion for the name? Remember that it needs to echo the content, and also that the anthology will hopefully become a regular release (more a journal, than anthology). Perhaps once people have had their say, we can put up a poll for people to choose their favourite, with the best contributed title earning a free copy of the anthology. Would love to hear your thoughts!