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UV and the Afterlife

As mentioned in today’s news, there is an excellent article online concerning Near Death Experiences and the research of Dr Bruce Greyson. I thought I’d post the link here as a standalone story, because it is a wonderful summary of NDE research and worthy of reading through. The University of Virginia has been at the forefront of ‘after-death’ research (via an endowment from the late Chester Carlson) for some time, with the work of people like Greyson, Ian Stevenson, Jim Tucker and even our good friend Michael Grosso examining what might happen to us when we die. There is also mention in there of the book Irreducible Mind, a complex, heavyweight tome that I have on my desk, but have barely managed to scratch the surface of yet – definitely worth a look for anybody serious about investigating the topic further (as an aside, I must say I’m baffled by the fact that nobody has indicated a preference for ‘afterlife’ essays in the poll about our upcoming anthology.

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