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Welcome back to the Daily Grail, with apologies for all those who turned up in the past day only to be confronted with a dead website and an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security. This was, of course, our yearly April 1st fun and games (check ‘Sciocco’ in Italian). Judging by the email I received, there was a fairly even proportion of those who picked it straight away, those that didn’t but then got the joke, and those that didn’t and are pretty angry with me for tricking them.

I must say I’m pretty impressed with the passion this site can evoke, with a number of people shooting off emails to various government departments protesting such heavy handed tactics. I guess it’s a little disturbing, and a sign of the times we live in, that I could even use such a scenario with some degree of believability. Thanks to (nearly) everyone for taking it in the good humour in which it was intended, and sorry for denying people their Sunday fix of TDG. Back to your regular programming now.