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Steve from Astraea Magazine writes with news that they have produced a ‘best of’ compilation print edition of articles related to the zine, titled (naturally enough) The Best Of Astraea – 17 articles on science, history and philosophy:

This book is written by a collection of best selling authors and researchers including: Steven J. Waller Ph.D, Archie Eschborn, Philip Ball Ph.D, Jordan B. Peterson Ph.D, Peter Marshall, Tom Harpur, R. Avry Wilson, Michael Cremo, Robert G. Bauval, Ahmed Osman, Dr. Robert Lomas, Michael Hayes, Jaq White, Lee McGiffen, Dr. Robert Lomas, Jim Alison and Deepak Bhattacharya.

Fans of alternate history will no doubt find much of interest in this book (authors such as Osman, Bauval, Cremo, Lomas). You can purchase the book from Authorhouse in both the United States and also the UK.