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I wonder if Mel Gibson realises that Jesus was a Jew…

  • Another new tomb in the Valley of the Kings? Fresh news, straight from exiled Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves (hat-tip to Chris Ogilvie-Herald).
  • Meanwhile, KV-63 holds a mystery fit for a Pharaoh.
  • France’s new Stonehenge: secrets of a neolithic time machine.
  • Nobel Prize winner Brian Josephson takes on Nature over its article attacking government funding of bubble fusion research.
  • Steven Greer repeats his assertion that SETI has made alien contact.
  • The Washington Times reviews George Basalla’s controversial ‘anti-SETI’ book, Civilized Life in the Universe: Scientists on Intelligent Extraterrestrials (Amazon US and UK).
  • Panspermia gets new life breathed into it with the electromagnetic bug transfer theory.
  • Will our Google future allow instantaneous Akashic records-like recall of information?
  • National Geographic have images depicting that giant dinosaur mentioned in Rick’s news yesterday.
  • Did the Red Baron just get lucky?
  • Rosslyn ghost sighting spooks festival actors.
  • Does the Holy Grail lie under Lincoln Cathedral. And the bigger question – is this BBC news story about our own Spearjig?
  • The secret is out: Da Vinci mania is fading.
  • Forget all those first-person shooters, here’s the real excitement in virtual reality gaming: become the French minister of budget. I can feel the adrenaline pumping already…
  • First ever world map of happiness produced. Funny how it seems to correlate with the areas which are well off financially. What’s that saying about money and happiness?
  • Leaked memo reveals coal industry’s global warming propaganda plan.
  • Arizona man lifts car off trapped cyclist.
  • The 40 year tradition of knocking people over with a big eel has been banned. Damn fish-huggers!
  • It’s a bird, it’s a crashed plane, it’s….a log.
  • Scorpion venom attacks brain tumours.
  • Invisibility: It’s closer than you think. Shhh, I think it’s behind you.

Thanks Chris.

Quote of the Day:

Observing the work currently being carried out in the Valley my fears for this and other aspects of the site’s archaeological legacy have grown. As an informed third party no longer engaged in fieldwork I am able to speak freely on the current situation and indeed feel a strong responsibility to do so – to provide the sort of independent voice which has for too long been lacking and which like-minded colleagues, fearful for their own concessions, are loath to venture.

Nicholas Reeves