Sub Rosa I5 Supporters

A quick nod of the head to the advertisers that gave much-appreciated financial support to Sub Rosa Issue 5:

  • Art of Illumination has “esoteric art to illuminate your heart”.
  • Hovering Object offer TDG-themed posters and T-shirts to kit yourself out in – see their range of crop circle and UFO merchandise for some really nice designs.
  • New Dawn magazine questions consensus reality, investigating topics from ancient mysteries to secret societies and conspiracies.
  • Consciousness is a 5-DVD box set of scientists such as Dean Radin, Stu Hameroff and Susan Blackmore discussing the mysteries of consciousness. Not bad value for only $29.95…
  • CircleSpeak is a truly excellent DVD on the crop circle phenomenon, one of the first to investigate the topic without taking sides or having an agenda.
  • Walter Cruttenden’s book Lost Star of Myth and Time looks at ancient myths about cycles of Golden and Dark Ages, and ties them in to the precession of the equinoxes and the possibility of our Sun having a distant twin. Furthermore, Walter and big names like Graham Hancock and Robert Schoch are lined up for this year’s Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge, to be held at the University of California in October.
  • The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest by Gary A. David shows a possible depiction of Orion on the ground – not in Egypt, but in the layout of villages of the Hopi people of the Americas.
  • Eccenova Editions have plenty of great books on TDG-related topics. In November they’ll be releasing Jesus, Mary, and Child: Samaritan Blood and the Kingdom at Shiloh, by Janet Tyson.

Check out their wares and please do support them in return if you find them of interest.