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10000 Vicarious Days

If you’re lucky enough to turn on your radio this morning and hear a very TOOL-sounding track, that would probably be the first ‘single’ (titled “Vicarious”) from the upcoming album 10,000 Days (you can hear an excerpt on the splash page at, and keep an eye on the news page for updates from our good friend Blair). May the hell of a thousand bad burritos descend upon any DJ who plays a ‘radio edit’ of it. For those interested in the lyrics to the new song, has already got a pretty good handle on them.

The new album is (on the best information I can assemble) due out April 28th in Germany, the 29th in Australia, and May 2nd in the U.S. You can get it from Amazon, but surely you want to feel the delight of getting down to your local record store at 9am (or 12 midnight?), laying down your cash and driving home treating the world to the best damn music they’re likely to hear? This must be what it felt like to go out and buy the latest Led Zeppelin release in the 70s. Tastily whack time signatures, awesome musicianship and great lyrics…the sun is shining in the aural world.

    1. The story?
      The story would be that it’s five years since I’ve heard a new song from the best rock band on the planet. Forgive me a moment of joy after a half decade (especially if you look at the commercial pap that passes for popular music).

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

        1. Only one?! They have
          Only one?! They have technically 5 now, soon to be 6. Opiate, Undertow, Aenima, Salival, and Lateralus. BUY THEM ALL!!!

          Greg, I’m right there with you buddy. I listened to the new song for almost 8 hours at work yesterday, and today looks like it won’t be any different.

          “Chance Favors the Prepared Mind”

    2. Tool….
      The only thing I can ascertain as a justifiable rational for the existance of Tool is that they are messengers from a different realm of consciousness sent here to help usher those willing and ready into humanity’s new paradigm. (After all… when will their next album be due out after this one…. sometime close to 2012???) Their albums have increasingly become more elaborate and profound and I don’t doubt for a moment that 10,000 Days will be any different… in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes close to shattering what we perceive as reality….

      I think I want to skip hearing the new song on the radio. I like listening to complete albums without any prior notion of familiarity. The snippit on the website is enough to know for certain it will blow my mind.

      1. Need more instruments
        I only wish Tool would make use of more musical instruments like acoustic guitars and keyboards. Everything is distorted, it doesn’t vary enough. Other than that they’re awesome.

  1. I predicted
    My prediction was for the new album to be a lot more ambient with more exploration of space, and shapes within space, with a smattering of heavy rock to please the fans. Ive listened to the short taster and it sounds like Tool, there was an ambient gap before and after the sample, but i dont know if that counts.

    1. The album has been
      The album has been leaked

      Its going to blow some minds……
      Vicarious barely even hints of the direction of 10000 days. I cant stop grinning atm and have little tingles running all over me.

      Tool are back people and your going to love it

      1. Bummer
        Much as every bone in my body would like to hear it right now, I’m waiting till I get my shiny album case and CD…then I’ll enjoy the full experience.

        Dang, 10 days to wait while everyone tells me how much it kicks ass. This is going to be tough.

        Peace and Respect
        You monkeys only think you’re running things

        1. Its worth waiting for Greg.
          Its worth waiting for Greg.

          I’m hoping one of the local stores will have a midnight sale so I dont have to drive 2hrs to sydney to get it.

          Utopia Records in Sydney and Big star records in Adelaide are staying open late for midnight sales

  2. impressed
    My favourite music spans 6 decades…..most of which are isolated songs of many artists….I do have full albums of a select few…..the Cat being one of them. My teen years were the seventies with the birth of heavy rock……a great time for music.

    Anyway….what I’m getting at is this…Greg raved about tool many years ago so I was curious….now I have some tool music that I like very much. I skipped over to the site and listened to the short sample.

    This is why I wanted to write this comment. I have never listened to any music before that brought a conscience feeling of biting into your favourite chocolate and feeling it melt slowly down your throat……with caramel.

    Truly multi dimensional!

    You pay for lies…..the truth is free

  3. Their singing the Blues!
    From a comment I read on Tools website a while back this is to be their blues album, they are supposedely singing the blues. And from what I’d expect from the band this will be the most amazing blues album ever produced. 😉

    From the unreal lead me to the real!
    From darkness lead me to light!
    From death lead me to immortality!

  4. An unofficial poll
    I am curious as to why Greg won’t listen to the new Tool disc before it is released. I got a copy of it (in a dream ;>) and it is amazing. I intend to buy the official release on May 2nd but couldn’t wait another minute for some new Tool. Now, I have purchased every official Tool release, some more than once, including the Salival set and the video singles. I have purchased several t-shirts, posters, and concert tickets (which aren’t cheap) and have spread the message of Tool’s music (I even got a Lateralus tattoo). I don’t think I am doing a disservice to the band I love the most but I would like to see what others think. Maybe we could make this an official poll?

    1. It’s about the experience
      I agree, I think a lot of people who download the leaked version will also pay up for a copy. I’m not listening to it because I want to enjoy the whole experience…opening the CD case and putting it in the player for the first time, browsing the liner notes and artwork as I hear the new tracks. Getting the audio now from some leak that the band had obviously worked hard to avoid cheapens the experience for me (which is the other point, the band obviously didn’t want their new music released until the official date).

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

      1. I can fully understand Gregs
        I can fully understand Gregs line of thinking , Im just too eager myself to wait.

        I’m going to go out on a limb here as say a new tool cd is more then just the audio. They do spend a lot of personal time on the artwork and the visual release .They worked closely again with Alex Grey and Adam has been back hard at work doing the videos.

        I’m a fanboi as you can tell but I really admire the depth of character that the individual members have and how they bring it together as a band. Compared to the average MTV act I think tool are a cut above.The new album is a fine example of them stepping forward from Lateralus and the growth of them all shines through.

        Funny thing is I only found this site after spending time on the Tool / Danny Carey site.

      2. Discipline…
        I agree Greg – it has just turned 2nd May (and thus UK release) and I shall be purchasing my copy. I must say I was tempted by the leak but like you say, it’s about the experience…

        Coincidently, I came across this after reading about the devil’s chord from that Rossalyn chapel music article today – interesting…not sure if it is relevant but interesting all the same…

      1. Been listening to the new
        Been listening to the new album for 2 days now.

        Vicarious doesn’t belong on the album at all, that’s for sure. It’s much different than I expected. Still trying to digest it.

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