Tuesday Roundup 21-03-2006

A strange assortment to get you through the week…


  1. James Randi’s Ill health
    Wouldnt it be a scream if it came out that James Randi was using Homeopathy or some “quack” remedy for his ill health 🙂

    I dont like the man, but wish him well though


  2. Pro Bono
    Thanks much for the Bono link, Greg. Mitch has profiled Bono wonderfully, it’s a fantastic read. One quote struck me:

    “I don’t see Jesus Christ as being part of any religion,” Bono said. “Religion to me is almost like when God leaves – and then people devise a set of rules to fill the space.”

    It reinforces my belief that Bono is more spiritual than Christian (in a sense that we equate Christianity with the Christian Church, rather than describing a Christian as one who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ — with or without the Church). Bono’s about making spirituality personal, rather than dictated by an authority (Church, Papal or State). You hear it in his lyrics, in the music of U2. I’m most definitely not a Christian, but the road to spiritual freedom Bono has paved is appealing.

    One thing is for sure; Bono is an interesting bunch of guys.

    In the name of love,


    1. C’mon Rick old son
      Bono is a Cathoholic.I heard him say the other day that he goes to Mass.How can you take someone seriously when he takes Catholicism seriously.
      What the hell kind of spirituality can be got from that bunch of religious standover people.
      I would have more respect for someone who was spiritual without being religious.


      1. Which Bono?
        Which Bono are we talking about? The man’s a walking contradiction. 😉

        “I don’t see Jesus Christ as being part of any religion,” Bono said. “Religion to me is almost like when God leaves – and then people devise a set of rules to fill the space.”

        He may go to Mass, but he’s hardly a Catholic — he has no problems with people slipping a rubber on their willy to prevent pregnancies, diseases and HIV. He has no problems with his kids reading Harry Potter, either.

        Bono goes to Mass because he believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ, but not the Catholic church. That is possible, Shadows.

          1. Bono Vox
            Very true, Lee. Bono could kneel at the bloodied shrine of Satan for all I care — his actions and words are more important than the house where he worships. Well, kinda. 😉

          2. That’s not how I see it Rick.
            I judge people by how they present themselves to the world as everyone else does.
            Bono is in a position where people listen to what he says and copy what he does.
            So the fact that he goes along to Mass and obviously agrees with the Catholic version of things, that we are all born in original sin,and that Mary mother of Jesus was a virgin,makes me wonder how many young people is he keeping chained to that religion.
            So he either believes all that crap or he has an agenda.
            I think it is an agenda.
            To keep the pope sweet.


          3. Pope on a Rope
            It’s a smart move. The Pope’s the ultimate authority, so if you want to change the way the Catholic Church operates, and get your point across — he’s the man to talk to. No point just insulting him — he’ll never talk to you then.

            Same as Bush. Instead of throwing bottles at police and screaming “F*** you BushCo!”, Bono (rightly) figured that approach won’t get retroviral drugs to AIDS ravaged African communities. Talking to BushCo might not either, but at least they’ll listen if you’re calm and reasonable. And can you believe it, it worked. It’s not much, only 400’000 so far, but considering the number was ZERO before Bono and the One campaigners started, that’s incredible.

            People are cynical of Bono’s apolitical approach, but geezus, if he can change the Right-Wing evangelical hate-mongerer Jesse Helms’s opinion of AIDS and homosexuality for example … anything’s possible.

            Ok, so Bono is getting a bit Luke Skywalker on us -(“I still see the good in Darth Vader”), and muscling in on the Dalai Lama’s gig … but it’s working. Besides, Bono is balanced out by Bob Geldof. 😉

            Enough from me, I’m wearing out the soapbox …

          4. You’re probably right
            I don’t know enough about Bono to be able to say why he does things.I’d like to see his eyes though.


          5. Ol’ Blue Eyes is back
            He does things because he cares. Passionately.

            There aren’t many pics of Bono without glasses post 1991. Here’s a black & white of Bono sans glasses looking thoughtful. Here’s a colour pic. Otherwise, to find a pic of Bono sans glasses, you need to go back to his mullet days.

            Why the glasses? He told Andrew Denton in an interview last month:

            There’s many reasons for the glasses, posing I’m sure right up there, privacy, and other more medical. I do like having one step of a remove, actually. I don’t think when I’m singing I hold anything back and I don’t think when I’m writing I hold anything back. But I think I’m allowed to hold something back in this kind of a set-up. As honest a man as you are and as honest as I’m trying to be, there is a natural insincerity in the set-up and I’m trying to be much better at it. But just one step removed.

            If you want a pair just like Bono’s, Shadows, you can buy them here. Don’t worry, it’s for a good cause. 😉

          6. Wot a stunner!
            And I love his elfin ears too.
            It sounds like he’s a genuinely good man.I wish him well.Thanks Rick.


          7. But wait, there’s MORE!
            Here’s a pic of Bono meeting the late Pope John Paul II. And even better, meet Pope Bono!

            Don’t worry Shadows, I’m not trying to convert you. Well, okay, I am. 😉

            All Bono needs is a parrot on his shoulder.

          8. If Bono was the pope I would convert
            You can see from that pope pic why his ears are elfin.It is because he has had them surgically pinned back.
            My daughter had her’s done and I have spent a lifetime looking for others.
            One I can recall is Kerry O’Brien.
            Cute Bono.


  3. I will put the mystery of the disc to rest…..
    it is simple.
    This disc was made with stamps for the entertainment of the royal child/children. The child made this disc and was humored by the King or guardian by firer it in a kiln.

    It means nothing except the creative experiment of a child.

    Not all that is found has to be of major significants. Just imagine some one in the far future finding some of the things on your fridge door made by your kids……..boggles the mind……..but as loving parents we shove the magnet on some strange squiggles that depict a modern day family on a picnic at the beach. ( through the eyes of a child with little graffic skills ).

    All is possible.

    1. mystery disc game
      I think the walking-man icons are interesting, as is the one instance of an icon for a man standing still. They seem to indicate the way a player was required to move. But if that’s the case, it looks like a player would frequently end up on the opposite side of the disc, rather than advancing to the center opposite to where he began before his opponent accomplished the same.

      I wonder if anyone has tried associating some of the icons with numbers rather than letters. While some icons were likely associated with whatever was to happen to a player landing on a particular square, other icons may have indicated a particular number that had to be rolled on the (missing) dice in order for the player to advance.

      Does anyone else have more ideas on how such a game might be played?


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