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Nova’s 2005 Roundup

This week on Nova (Jan 10th) they are featuring a round-up of the biggest science news stories from 2005 – might be worth checking out if you can access the program:

This week features “newsreel” highlights on everything from exploding toads in Germany to the U.S. studies on cell phone use while driving, which gives a normal 30-year-old driver the reaction time of a 70- to 80-year-old. The more in-depth stories include the discovery of a tenth planet, breakthroughs in embryonic stem cell techniques, the odds of a flu pandemic occurring, a hopeful story that could signal the return of the ivory-billed woodpecker from extinction, the latest updates on the relationship between hurricanes and global warming, and a personal profile of Tulane University cancer researcher, Dr. Tyler Curiel, who went to heroic lengths in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to save irreplaceable research.

Always a good quality television show, check it out if you get the chance.

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