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The Xmas season is upon us, and as usual visitor numbers to the site will drop off for a few weeks as everyone travels, gather with friends, or just set up camp in good pubs. I’m therefore using the opportunity to take a few weeks off from TDG. I’m also encouraging the other admins to take some time for themselves as well, because this can be a gig that burns you out quickly.

As such, posts on TDG may be sporadic over the coming weeks, it may even stop completely at times. The solution for those of you who are still looking for your daily hit? Simply check our Stream site for user-contributed stories (there is a permanent link beneath the logo above).

On the flipside, there will be nothing there to read unless users also contribute stories of interest (all members of TDG are able to post stories at the Stream site) – I urge anyone with interesting news, a website update of note, or a cool new book, to post a story to pass on word to the community. It’s a simple process, you can find out more in this primer. Try to structure the story much as you see here on TDG (and please note: there is no need to sign off like you do in an email, as your username is added to the post automatically). I have set a very low moderation threshold on the Stream site, so that anything posted will almost straight away be allowed on the front page. If something is offensive, vote it negative and it will likewise disappear off the front page.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused during this ‘holiday’ time. Best wishes to all for a safe and happy Xmas period, and look forward to 2006 with you all.