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Weekend Roundup 24-11-2005

Just a few articles for your reading pleasure over the weekend…


  1. Dawkins, in yer next life, I hope you are a bug.
    Richard Dawkins said:

    “The arguments of creationists, including those creationists who cloak their pretensions under the politically devious phrase “intelligent-design theory,” repeatedly return to the same big fallacy. Such-and-such looks designed. Therefore it was designed.”

    Shame on you Dawkins. There ya go again. Mischaracterizing people’s views and then attacking the mischaracterization. Clever trick, but hardly qualifies as “scientific method”. Why I would even say that this tactic of yours borders on “not very intelligent” and immature. I have read a lot of your work, in fact. Your attitude thruout all your books can be summed up as “if you don’t agree with this, you must really be stupid.”


    I am not a creationist, neither are my peers. But we clearly see the wisdom of intelligent design, via a consciousness based model of the universe, in which the “intelligence” comes from the component parts of the organism itself, not from “god”. Go ahead, take a poll, and find out how many theoretical physicists agree. After all Richard, your beloved genes ARE composed of subatomic particles. Have you even a clue what those things are? If you do not know what they are, (nobody does) and if everything is composed of them (everything is) than your ignorance of the ultimate reduction is complete, by definition.

    The truly great scientists, such as Behe, or Erwin Laslow agree with and support a consciousness based model. You might be interested to know that Laslow has more PhD’s than you, (3) and was nominated for the Nobel Prize several times so far. He is not “stupid” and does not sit there and go “well, duh, yuk yuk, that thang there looks like God made it!” He is also head of the Budapest Group, a prestigious scientific organization in Europe. HE believes in intelligent design, and it ain’t because “things look like they were designed, so, duh, they must have been, yuk yuk!”

    At least be fair enough to your competition to present their case accurately Richard, otherwise you are stooping to low blows, innuendos, name calling and other immature defensive tactics. You and your fan club seem to forget that mere clever writing skill does not scientific genius make.



  2. alien guerilla’s

    An interesting interview with Moulton-Howe, unfortunately the interviewer lacked in preperation- not having read her books, well Linda remained loose about it, allthough it prevented deeper inroads in her work.

    Animal mutilations remain the biggest current secret around, it’s almost unheard of that so many look away and basically are unwilling to really think this through.

    Last night when i read the interview i felt this is not about animals being attacked and sliced up, the current consensus idea being- for genetic research- i think not. I think its a thinly veiled threat towards humans, an expression of arrogance and superiority’, benine aliens would leave no trace if they needed the data and why just cows and occasionaly horses, how about sheep and pig if they’d research our foodstock staples. No i think these herd animal mutilations are a metaphor for the human race, for sure they could pick up and disect humans in the same way, but this would create a big backlash, one they likely can’t contain, as i suspect the purpetrators are very limited in number. They maybe able to move about the planet at great speed, going round unnoticed is likely getting more and more difficult, with an increasing amount of spy satellites covering the globe. The demagnetizing trail they seem to leave behind could possibly be picked up these days. Then again it looks as if the US government has come to some sort of agreement. Whats a few cows anyway ?

    Where does all this leave us, an alien species roaming around cutting out tongues and windpipes (mute and breath), eyes (blind), genetalia (reproduction) and totally draining blood (life force). Removing all flesh from the skull (revealing–materialism) . These aliens are up to no good and in my opinion should be stopped at all cost, the way they currently go about suggests to me that- there might be other species aliens around aswell, and or their numbers are very limited, an outpost- possibly preparing for the arrival of bigger numbers or working to genetically adapt cows for use elsewhere or even crossbread them with other species- humans included. Far out ? Well yes and no. Whatever’s going down, the current complacency is dangerous.

    ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

      1. take another blue pill

        Yes Lee and the us army kills more humans than aliens do too, no problemo then. Just sit up and wait- i’m sorry Lee but yours is a ‘cows ‘r us ‘ response guess we have to blame the us ‘education’ system for that one.

        ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

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