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Tuesday Roundup 15-11-2005

A varied list of readings to get you through the week…

  • Kevin Randle takes to Nick Redfern’s Roswell explanation in a new article, “BS in the Desert“. Nick’s book Bodysnatchers in the Desert is available from Amazon US and UK.
  • An interview with Paul Freitas, on how our future will be affected by nanotechnology. Part 1, and Part 2.
  • SETI’s Seth Shostak says science can save our souls (yes I do love the alliteration possibilities when it comes to stories involving Mr Shostak).
  • Phenomena Magazine has an interview with Will Hart about his book The Genesis Race (Amazon US and UK).
  • Magonia Supplement #59 has just been released, with articles on ‘abduction researcher’ David Jacobs, and reviews of new books.
  • Ian Lawton provides a short analysis of the famous Pam Reynold’s NDE case.
  • Philip Coppens discusses Croagh Patrick: the transforming of the green serpent.
  • Skeptic Randi’s latest weekly newsletter saves you from superstition and quackery.
  • Binnall of America has part one of an (audio) interview with respected Canadian UFO researcher Grant Cameron, in mp3/podcast/streaming audio formats.
  • The Société Périllos conjures up the devil in Part 7 of their series on Asmodeus in Rennes-le-Chateau.
  • Paul from FutureHi looks at our collapsing upwards future.


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