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In the second instalment of my website-publishing madness this week (and still one to go!), the public is now invited to visit a website devoted to my book The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key. Interestingly, you’ll find that you can log-in to the new website with your TDG login/password combination, in case you want to comment on anything there (all thanks to David, TDG’s very own ghost in the machine). There is also a new link in the primary links (beneath the logo, and next to the Red Pill link), as well as the banner which has now been redirected to the new location.

On site, I’ll be cataloguing regular news updates regarding Dan Brown’s upcoming book, as well as other news concerning his earlier books. The website will also act as a repository for the various essays I’ve written on the topic, not to mention the sample chapter from the book (in PDF form). By the way, I walked into a local bookstore the other day and found six copies of my book on the shelf, which was quite a rush (so any Aussies out there, it might well be available in your local bookstore too).