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Time Travel Convention

I’ll let you decide whether this is a serious attempt or a novel way of marketing a hoax – the one and only Time Traveler’s Convention is scheduled for May 7th this year:

Technically, you would only need one time traveler convention. Time travelers from all eras could meet at a specific place at a specific time, and they could make as many repeat visits as they wanted. We are hosting the first and only Time Traveler Convention at MIT in one week, and WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need you to help PUBLICIZE the event so that future time travelers will know about the convention and attend.

In the spirit of Earthling’s recent blog, perhaps we should consider it bogus until someone from the future comes to tell us otherwise…

  1. Building a time machine
    Last year I came up with an idea to acquire a bona-fide, working time machine, using similar principles to the “one off” time traveller’s convention.

    The idea was to design a simple box, which could be hermetically sealed and would survive for several hundred years buried in the ground. Within the box, I would place certain items that would enable a person in the future to be able to identify me (e.g. photos, family tree, National Insurance and tax details, medical records etc.)

    Within the box, I also place a letter explaining the purpose of the box, and requesting that if time travel has become a reality, they should travel back to the time and place specified in my letter (which would be the day after I buried the box in my back garden).

    So, I bury the box, and the next day a time traveller appears in my garden equipped with a fully working time machine. Neat, huh?

    yer ol’ pal,

    (this time travelling nonsense was brought to you courtesy of “Realm of the Dead”)

      1. No, I’m not kidding….
        If you think about it, it uses exactly the same principal that the convention is using. In theory, it should work.

        The only things preventing it from working is if time travel really is impossible, or if when time travel does become a reality, there is a strict law in force to not change or interfere with the past.



        1. simpler explanations would work
          We could just be really uninteresting to the time travellers. If some had been here and wanted to talk to us, we would know.

          1. Time travel and other dimensions
            You might be able to time travel but not from within the material plane. This would mean that it would limit the backward travel to visiting the archived or underpinned energy movement while you could travel forward to examine the projected results. You would still only be able to impact the movement of energy through the instant though and not through some past or future.

            In other words, you could visit but not interact with, the only interaction possible being now because it now is outside of time, which has made some intuit that time was an illusion.

            Time would then not be something that you actually travel but something that moves relative to you.

          2. how to observe?
            But when you visit without interacting, you can’t even look at anything, you need at least photons to interact with you. How are you “visiting”, i.e. being present in some form, without interacting? This is worse than the tree in the lonely forest.

          3. Time and light
            Elements, the stuff of other realities or planes may not necessarily have the same properties than they do here in the material plane.

            Here, you must use your eyes to see, thus the interaction with light is necessary. Like the interaction with material vibration is necessary to perceive sounds. Yet, telepathy does not require the interaction at that level and still can be ‘perceived’ for lack of better word.

            If you must be in another plane, it can’t obviously be with the physical body.

            Also, if you watch a movie, you are somehow viewing a past and you can’t interact with it. As I said in the previous post, I was considering the past as an archive, as a substructural movement of the energy, the constructed architecture of the foundation of experience thus far, and the future as a projection of the consequences of the actual movement with all the possibilities that compute when taking into consideration the manipulations that happen now, in an eternal construction phenomena.

            If we considered that time is the movement of this energy and that our consciousness is outside that movement, in other words in the present, and that this movement can only be altered at this particular location that is outside of time but that intersect the impulsive movement of light and its possible movement, then you can imagine being able to study both sides of that movement by entering the dimension of time in one direction or the other but still without any ability to interfere with it.

            It would be as if consciousness was a modifying ‘impresser’ that affects the quality or nature of the future movement of light by impressing the past movement of light that dictates the future possibilities starting from now. Every time the past movement or the impulsive movement is modified, the future movement is altered in its possibility and every impression that is applied further modifies the movement that comes. In that sense, time would be moving towards consciousness and not consciousness traveling in time.

            I know I probably don’t make any sense with this.

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