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Once again, what’s happening on alternative radio this week:

Jeff Rense Show: Monday’s guests are Patricia Doyle on Mad Cow and Dr Mohammed Daud Miraki on Depleted Uranium in Afghanistan, Tuesday’s show is regulars George Filer and Alex Jones, Wednesday is Teresa Whitehurst on ‘Bushianity’ and Bill Hamilton on Van Tassel’s ‘Integratron’, Thursday’s guests are Paul Stonehill on Russian UFO encounters and Harry Braun on wind energy, Friday is Dave Oester/Sharon Gill with EVP Ghost Voices. Sunday as usual is Encore.

Coast to Coast AM: Monday’s first half-hour is Amal Dorai on the upcoming Time Traveler Convention at MIT, followed by raw food pioneer David Wolfe (I think our ancestors beat him to it BTW), Tuesday is still TBA, Wednesday author Steve Alten shares new research and evidence concerning the Loch Ness monster, and Thursday USC Engineering Professor Bart Kosko will be discussing current events and new technology.

More details including relevant guest links are available at the respective websites. Also C2C can be listened to through KOGO.