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There’s a fascinating interview (as always) with author Daniel Pinchbeck at the Neofiles website. Pinchbeck is currently writing a new book, due out in 2006, on the prophecies surrounding the year 2012. His publisher describes the book as:

A literary and metaphysical epic that binds together the cosmological phenomena of our time, ranging from crop circles to the advent of psychedelic drugs, to support the contention of the Mayan calendar that the year 2012 portends a global shift — in consciousness, culture, and way of living — of unprecedented consequence. Written with a combination of literary precision and metaphysical insight rarely seen since the earliest works of Carlos Castaneda.

If you haven’t read Pinchbeck’s book Breaking Open the Head US and UK), I thoroughly recommend it. For those new to the site, you can read a review of that book here on TDG, and also check out my interview with Daniel Pinchbeck from a few years ago. Thanks Max and Mitch.