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Fortean Times #193

The latest issue of Fortean Times is out for sale, so pick yourself up a copy if you get the chance. This month’s mag is a Knights Templar feature, with Gordon Rutter looking at the history behind Dan Brown’s mega-seller, Lionel Fanthorpe investigating the legends surrounding the Knights Templar, and Raymond brown checking into those tales of Templar tunnels and Illuminati meetings beneath the streets of Hertford which have featured in recent mainstream news stories. Plenty else besides, check the latest issue page for details.

Note also that the new issue also means some older material is presented for free on the front page – check there for archived essays on remote viewing at the Monroe Institute, the two-headed boy of Bengal, and animal-robot hybrids.

  1. amazing story
    Amazing story about the two-headed boy of Bengal.I wonder how doctors and scientists are going to determine if the parasitic head has a soul or is entitled to life.That’s a hard call.
    I have been thinking for a long time about conjoined twins Abby and Britty Hensel whom I saw years ago on Oprah.They would be about 15 now and live in the mid west in America.They have one body and two heads,and can run and play and ride a bike.I thought they were beautiful and couldn’t praise the parents enough for the way they were raising them.
    They had a website but it has petered out.I have worried for years about them, realising that they might not have a long life ahead of them.If anyone has any information on them I would be pleased to hear it.


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