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Going the Distance

The Skeptical Investigations website has been updated with a new essay which confronts ‘pseudo-skeptics’ front on. Written by Nancy Zingrone, the piece is titled “Failing to Go the Distance: On Critics and Parapsychology“, and it argues that it is time for parapsychology research to ignore the babblings of skeptics/cynics who use flawed methodology:

…it is our job to close the starting gate to those who defend their right to remain tourists, who have repeatedly been impervious to counter-criticism, whose research programs are more self-promotional than scientific. It is time that we welcome only those who are willing to run the race with us, even if, at the finish line, our assessment of the evidence and its meaning are still worlds apart.

It’s a very long essay, but there’s plenty of interesting detail in it, so take your time and enjoy.

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