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Pyramid Poll

It’s a bit of a quiet news week, so I thought we’d focus on perhaps the biggest story of the past few days by polling readers on their thoughts about the next ‘pyramid robot‘ expedition. More specifically, what the robot will find behind door number 2. I know that there could be more zany ideas of what lies behind the ‘doors’ (if they are in fact that), but I’ve tried to focus on those that get the most coverage.

The previous poll on out-of-body experiences (OBEs) was quite evenly split – just under half of respondents believed that OBEs were evidence of a ‘soul’ (for want of a better word), while slightly less people had the opposite idea. Perhaps understandably, around a quarter of those polled opted to say they were still unsure. Remember that all previous polls remain open for voting, and can be found in the poll archive.