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Have we done this before?

  • Researchers find that brain can be tricked into feeling pain in a fake limb. “You could argue that the bodily self is an illusion being constructed in the brain” – Dr Henrik Ehrsson.
  • Gene silencing prevents hereditary brain disease in mice. The way medical research is heading, soon mice will be immortal.
  • Embryonic stem cells surprise researcher. Boo!
  • Aviation seen as serious environmental risk to planet Earth.
  • Cassini sees Titan’s methane clouds. Perhaps there are lots of sheep on Titan. Also, Cassini maps Titan.
  • Nothing can escape that little probe, as it picks up some mysterious oxygen in Saturn’s rings.
  • The Tau Ceti system, once believed likely to harbour life, may in fact be doomed by an overload of asteroids.
  • Martian valleys created by rainfall.
  • Ming Dynasty porcelain treasure trove recovered from shipwreck.
  • Secrets of the Maya – deciphering Tikal.
  • Fish-loving dinosaur’s tooth found embedded in flying lizard’s backbone.
  • Archaeologists travel to China to unravel one of archaeology’s great mysteries: the three hares.
  • God, UFOs, the Elohim…be careful of believing what they tell you.
  • An encounter with a UFO. Apple-shaped at that.
  • Sunday lunch with psychic medium James Van Praagh.
  • UK’s National Trust opens doors to grand house for ghost-hunting squad.
  • South African inventor ready to mass produce his energy-busting magnetic motor.
  • Follow-up on the California crop circle. And here: investigative report.
  • Randi busts out his latest skeptical monologue (with a little help from his friends).
  • Man has trouble getting rid of his stash of a million pennies…all 3.6 tonnes of it.
  • A new way of publishing? Frank Duff’s novel Lysergically Yours (“Clandestine chemists accidentally open the doorway into new modes of human consciousness”) has been released under the Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commercial/Share-Alike license – which means not only that the text of the novel can be freely distributed in any medium, but also allows anyone to create derivative works from the novel for any non-commercial purpose. Cool.

Thanks David.

Quote of the Day:

Giant, flying, lizards — you moron! That’s one of God’s EASIEST jokes!

Bill Hicks