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Chatting in Real-Time

For those TDGers who would enjoy chatting to other members in real-time, we’ve now added a ‘chatbox’ function to the site (note, only available to members). At the moment it is turned on by default for all members, so you should be able to see it about mid-way down on the right-hand side of the screen (beneath the poll and ‘Whos new’ blocks). Members who don’t wish to see it can go into their preferences and turn it off.

Please treat this facility with respect – no profanities, spamming or other nastiness will be tolerated. Hopefully it can act as a handy resource for TDG members to hook up and discuss interesting topics more freely.

A little extra: I would suggest hanging around for a little while once you join…if everyone joins for just one minute and then leaves, there is little chance of two or more people meeting up.

  1. Additional Comments
    A few other things to note:

    1) The chatbox checks for member activity on the website. If you don’t do anything for 15 minutes on either the website or the chatbox, then it will assume you’ve timed out and tell other members you aren’t there. So, at least in my case, I’ll be there a lot of the time but it will say I am not.

    2) I think the best method of using the chatbox, when empty, would be to login as soon as you get to TDG, then do your browsing of stories etc while keeping an eye on whether anyone else turns up (there is a function that allows you to monitor activity, at the bottom of the chatbox).

    3) The chatbox and chatbox log is unavailable to anonymous users, mainly for the obvious reason of avoiding abuse. For members, the logs are kept for a week, so you can check them out and see if anything interesting was discussed while you were out.

    Peace and Respect

    You monkeys only think you’re running things

  2. adding urine
    Pardon my mirth……..
    I just saw in the chatroom that Cernig mentioned that he thought the link about the US Army adding urine to dried food was in bad taste.
    And I think it’s a pun he didn’t mean.


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