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Rense Schedule 07/06 – 12/06

The latest schedule for the Jeff Rense radio show is available. Interesting shows this week include Brad Steiger on the paranormal and Steven Schwartz on remote viewing. Here’s the full line-up for the coming week:

  • Monday, June 07: Webster G. Tarpley – Super 911 Due?, Stephan Schwartz – Remote Viewing

  • Tuesday, June 08: Peter Davenport – Eyewitness UFO Reports
  • Wednesday, June 09: Herb Jeffries – Legendary Jazz Great With Trevor James Constable, Jim Marrs – The View From Marrs
  • Thursday, June 10: David John Oates – Reverse Speech
  • Friday, June 11: Brad Steiger – A Paranormal Evening
  • Saturday, June 12: Best of Rense

As always, you can catch up on older shows in the archives.

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